A Lot To Say is a lifestyle brand that celebrates and encourages our voices to be heard in the written word.

Through our range of products, we hope to help facilitate important change in our planet, our politics, our world, our future.

Every single product we create is made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles that are broken down into incredible fabrics. (Just one single tee saves over 60 bottles from going to landfill).

In addition, we use an exclusive No Water Dye Technology. (One traditional cotton tee takes over 700 gallons of fresh water to create).

The combination of this technology means every item is 100% Toxin-Free, wears up to 6 times longer and will never return to landfill .

All products are also made in the United States,

A Lot To Say: Our Sources

We thank all these sources for the incredible truths that inspired us to create these t-shirts:,, the,, offshore, the green book, washington,

A Lot To Say: Our Give Back Charities And Foundations

A generous percentage of our profits will be given back to a varied range of environmental and political groups and causes.

The International Green Energy Council

Even the greenest of organizations need a little green to do the fantastic things they do. So for every A Lot To Say e- card you buy, we give back a generous amount to the International Green Energy Council. Who are they? A non-traditional, non-profit association of individuals and companies that promote “green” (sustainable) forms of energy production, sources and practices. They are maverick in their thinking and tireless in their doing. And everyday, they are making great strides to change the way we look and practice sustainable living on all levels of government: Federal, State, Country and Municipal. We love this organization and so does our planet.

Global Green

They make green cool. And they make it something that’s super rewarding to do. Whether it’s rebuilding schools, reaching out to devastated areas or maximizing their star power to get the job done, this organization is saving our planet with efficiency and style. Which is why we give back a large percentage of our profits to every one of their efforts.

Stand Up To Cancer

This amazing organization, made up of amazing women, is doing amazing things. Cutting out the bureaucracy, they are finally able to fight cancer in a powerful, unprecedented way. Assembling the most brilliant of scientists, using the most state of the art technology, funding the most progressive research, they are making strides never before seen. We not only stand up and applaud their efforts, we give back a generous amount of sales.

Animal Rescue Foundation

Created by Tony La Russa and his wife in 1991, their goal was to both aid homeless and abandoned animals, as well as promote the idea that people’s lives are enhanced by their bonds with animals. ARF has designed various programs linking a tangible benefit from animals to children, the elderly, even victims of violence. Statistics prove we all can be healthier and happier from the healing contact of animals. ARF embodies the vision of a better future where animals are respected and loved and where there is a stable and loving home for every pet. We love them almost as much as we love the animals they rescue. So a large percentage from the sale of all our products go directly back to ARF.

Heal the Bay

Our rivers, our beaches and our ocean are incredible natural resources that serve as special spiritual sanctuaries.  But our coast provides not only intangible, emotional value, a healthy marine ecosystem also serves as a critical source of real economic wealth in southern California, from the bounty of seafood, recreation and tourism it provides.  When we protect the watersheds in which we all live, from the most inland neighborhood streets to the furthest edge of the sea, we protect our own well being.

Today, the greatest threats to our coastal waters and watersheds, and to all of us – both human and animal – that rely on the ocean for pleasure, income or sustenance, come from urban and stormwater runoff, plastic pollution, and the ever-increasing stresses to our marine environment from over-fishing and climate change.

Working together, we can protect and save one of our most precious, natural resources – with your help, we can heal the bay.


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